weapon eyes chapter 8

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a new chapter on the great weaponizer site – if you haven’t checked it out you should!

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the meat of the prompt

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today i launched a new site that will be written entirely off the back of prompts that i have picked up from various sources. first one up today – go check it out.

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weapon eyes, sir chapter 7

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weaponizer says:

Paul S. Grimsley’s biopunk thriller WEAPON EYES, SIR returns today, as we delve further into the conditions that gave rise to the Weapon Eyes. Espionage, violence and greed in Chapter 7 – Military Budgets!

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get your thrift on

Paul S. Grimsley‘s biopunk thriller serial WEAPON EYES, SIR returns this week on Wednesday, so to whet your appetite, here’s a quick flash fiction about temporal dislocation and charity shops from the man himself.

one day he would be a small child and the next day he would be a large child. it was thought that he was a mirror, but what he reflected no one could quite work out. there was a rumour of quantum entanglement being involved – that some laboratory had linked him with someone in a temporally distant location, but of course there was no proof …READ FLASH FICTION: ‘GET YOUR THRIFT ON’ NOW!

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drinking the reclaimed water

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drinking the reclaimed water will have you thirsting for more – go check it out!

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this gallery is an art graveyard

this gallery is an art graveyard is going to be an exploration of all those art artifacts which fascinate and inspire me.

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backscatter is the tale of carlson, a spatio-temporal repairman. thought provoking science fiction for all.

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